7 Steps for Building a Residential & Commercial Structure

There are seven necessary steps to follow if you are planning to build a new home or commercial building. These requirements also pertain to enlarging or renovating an existing home or commercial building.

  1. The project must have zoning approval.
  2. Landscaping plans are required for commercial construction projects.
  3. If the property is subject to flooding then flood elevation certification is needed.
  4. A contractor’s license is required for certain residential or commercial classifications.
    Master electrician for the electricity
    Master plumbing for the plumbing
    Master mechanic for gas and HVAC
  5. Plot plans and building plans must be submitted for review. Two stamped approved copies of each are needed; one to be kept on-site and the other to be kept by the Building Official’s office.
  6. All permits must be obtained prior to starting any construction. The City of West Columbia uses the following published codes and inspections are done accordingly:
    • 2018 South Carolina Building Code
    • 2018 South Carolina plumbing Code
    • 2018 South Carolina Mechanical Code
    • 2018 South Carolina Fuel Gas Code
    • 2018 South Carolina Fire Code
    • 2017 National Electrical Code
    • 2009 International Energy Conservation Code
    • 2017 ICC ANSI 117.1
  7. Upon final inspection, a certificate of occupancy must be obtained through the Building Official before occupying the premises.

For questions concerning Building Permits, please contact Eric Williams, Building Official, at 803-936-6286 or by email at ewilliams@westcolumbiasc.gov.